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    5 ft. 2 in.
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    Bachelors Degree
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    Yes, over 18


Hello All! So here we all are – so strange to be in this place at this age, right? Ah, good times. Haha.
Well, I’m a person who LOVES to laugh until my sides hurt. I love getting together with family and friends and goofing off. Music is one of my all time favorite things! The harmonies, the lyrics, the dissonant chords, etc. I am a hopeless romantic and want to eventually be with someone who will grow to be my soul mate -- and I his. My relationships (especially with my kids) are among my greatest treasures. I am a true and LOYAL friend and partner.
I love to hike and camp, and just be out enjoying God’s amazing creations. I LOVE star gazing and anything to do with the night sky – total astronomy nerd. I find great solace at the ocean side. The sounds, sights, and feelings I experience at the beach feed my soul. Put me on a tropical beach with a chair, a towel, and some snorkeling gear, and I'm good! I love going on walks with people I love, and sometimes just with ME! I love to have my toes in the sand. I love to cuddle up in front of a fire or in front of a movie with someone I love. I love to make little children giggle and feel important. I love to play my guitar. I love playing games and cards with FUN people! I love being in the temple and hope to serve there someday. Above all, I just look forward to ENJOYING the rest of my life with someone who feels blessed to have me in his life, and about whom I feel the same way. Someone with whom I can enjoy our "shared" children and grandchildren and LOVE LIFE!
Good luck everyone!!

What I am looking for

I want to end up with someone who is an ACTIVE member of the LDS Church, whose testimony is absolutely SOLID. Someone who will love God first -- then me. Someone with whom I can laugh and be completely my real and best self. Someone who will accept me as who I already am, and who will not feel the need to change me (personality-wise, physically, etc.) -- but will make me want to be my best self simply because of how he makes me feel. Someone who will realize who I am and will want to be be his best self because of how I make HIM feel. HONESTY, INTEGRITY,
and LOYALTY are a must if I am to let myself fall in love again. Finally, someone who is willing to relax and take it slowly.

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a HUGE part of my life. Through my recent trials, I have grown closer to my Savior and my Father in Heaven. I have learned very tangibly about the Atonement of Jesus Christ -- that He truly does understand EVERYTHING we go through and is there to help carry our burdens if we but ask. I know for myself that the Gospel is true -- and that living by its principles is the only way to experience TRUE joy! I am so grateful for my testimony and know that I have to feed it to keep it strong. I have learned that the only way to find complete inner peace and strength is through Jesus Christ, the Savior of the world. I love Him. Just to get this out of the way -- if you are involved in ANY kind of pornography in ANY way, please skip to the next profile. Nothing personal, just can't have that in my life.
I love the temple. It is very important to me that my sweetheart has a desire to worship with me both at church and in the temple, and that he honors his covenants.
I love the times in my life when I have felt complete peace as I let the Spirit deeply touch me. I want to be sealed in the temple for eternity. It is the only way to go! So grateful for the blessings the Gospel brings me!